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Next Logistics provides a wide range of market leading solutions to an equally diverse range of customers.

Due to Next Logistics high level of capability and customisable solutions, customers vary from small through to large businesses, which include Business to Business (B2B) customers, Business to Consumer (B2C) customers, new and startup businesses.

Next Logistics is also recognised as a leading specialist provider servicing online retailers and eBay sellers.

Business to Business (B2B)

Business to Business or B2B describes customers who provide products directly to other businesses. Next Logistics understands the requirements involved in B2B trading and offers customers bulk or individual carton receipting, storage and warehousing activities, EDI, Scanpack and Cross-dock solutions and a range of freight profiles to complement delivery windows or requirements emposed by the most difficult of customers.

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Business to Consumer (B2C)

Business to Consumer or B2C describes customers who provide products directly to individuals. A B2C solution will often require smaller product handling, inner item picking, varying product ranges and order sizes and deliveries to residential addresses nationwide. Next Logistics currently provides all of these services to a number of B2C customers and offers low cost, multi carrier freight solutions perfectly suited with zero remote surcharges and no re-delivery fees.

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New and Start-up Businesses

Next Logistics strongly believes in supporting new business and building long lasting relationships assisting customers in long term future growth. To assist new and start-up businesses highly competitve rates are offered irrelevant of initial spend, sliding scale discount structures are agreed upfront, and all divisons operate with no setup fees or minimum spends.

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Online retailers and eBay sellers

Next Logistics is widely recognised as the leading provider for online retailers and eBay sellers, and is a key speciality and focus accross the business.

Next Logistics recognises the constraints of trading online, including reduced margins, high numbers of low value orders, and direct to consumer trading. Pricing schedules have been specifically designed to allow for a cost effective solution even for order transactions as low as only a few dollars. In addition the freight solutions provided are designed spefically for smaller, direct to consumer or residential delivery to every suburb of Australia and internationally. Please visit our Online retailer and Ebay seller section by following the link below.

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