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We are Next Logistics

We work in a clear, agile and efficient way.

With almost one decade of experience in this area, Next Logistics can help your business thrive.

We help you start and grow your business through our excellent services.

Let us tell you more about ourselves.


Our tartget is to help you slash your shipping expenses and increase repeat business.

Our pleasure and aim is helping your business grow up and bonding loyalty and confidence is our business.

Next Logistics prides itself on designing and implementing of Integrated Logistics Solutions customised to the individual requirements of its clients.

We specialise in 3rd party Warehousing, Freight and Distribution, Logistics Consultancy, Kitting and Assembly, and Packaging Supplies, an individual solution may utilise the services of one of more of these divisions. Next Logistics is positioned to provide services to all sizes and types of Australian businesses

  • Experienced Company
  • Easy to Integrate your System
  • Warehousing and Fulfilment
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Consultancy

Logistics through innovation, dedication, and technology.


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Our Vision And Mission

You sell. We ship. Your customer receives the product quickly, safely and effectively.

Your client is happy and satisfied with your business.

differentiated service delivery

We have a fast and exclusive methodology to pick and pack your products. Your orders are processed 24 hours after the order is placed.

Best Solutions & Approaches

We work to create best solution for your business. Regardless of your product, we'll provide the best service for you.

Quality Service & Support

We believe providing a high and consistent quality of service is the key to a business's success

Mission & Vision


Meet Our Team

We meet and get to know you. You tell us and we listen.
Meet our team and know who will work with you.

  • Chris Dobson


  • Travis Heinemann


  • Jason Hammer


  • Ryan Easton


  • Ciara Goodwin


  • Adrian Gatt


  • Gemma Johnson


Our Freight carriers


We have a simple and clear process.
We work with simple steps: you send your product to us , we store it, we warehousing it, we send your product and we stay synchronised with your store.

  • Receiving & Storage

    We receive your goods, select your products and store them.

  • Pick & Pack

    We provide reliable, accurate and cost-effective pick and pack services.

  • Organise Delivery

    We'll manage your complete fulfillment cycle, making sure your goods are delivered on time.

  • Reporting

    We keep you up-to-date about orders and stock.

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OUR Services

Here are a few of our many services.
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Smiley face 3rd Party Warehousing

We provide service to its customers of outsourced logistics services for part or all of your supply chain management functions.

Smiley face Market-Leading Managed Freight Solutions

Next Logistics Freight Services (NLFS) is the market leader in managed freight solutions.

Smiley face Logistics Consultancy

Experience in this industry is everything, and the cost of employing, training and then retaining staff is growing at a rapid rate.

Smiley face Interstate Warehousing

Local and Interstate Freight services fill the need to distribute products or materials not only to the local area or city, but potentially every state, town and suburb.

Smiley face Contracts and Service Level Agreements

We are able to support businesses through the creation, and receipt of tenders and contracts, in addition to receipt handling for individuals.

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By click on the Find More buton, you can check all of our services and details of how each one works. Please, come in!

Pricing & Scale Calculator

You can simulate here your needs, and we'll create a custom price plan for you.
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Incredible freight costs

Orders Picked and Packed from $1

Latest News

We do things differently than any other company providing key warehouse services.
We are focused on helping our clients build successful businesses.

New Partnership with Freight Carrier Direct Freight

To complete our team and help improve our services for you, we are now working together with Direct Freight Carrier.

Every day we are improving our systems for you take control of your products and orders.

We offer several ways to follow up on your products. You can access our system from any device to follow up your orders or access you account. Also, we send reports on your orders stock levels for every day, week or period that you would like.

New functionality in our services. Now you can track your orders.

Now, you can follow up your orders and products. When the order is loaded onto the truck headed your way, you will receive a tracking number to track the location of your order.

We offer orders picked and packed from $1,00
Orders are ready for picking and packing 24 hours after your order is created in your webstore

We sending your products for all worldwide
We can ship your orders all over the world

Access and track your order from wherever you are.

Some of Our Clients

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