Local and Interstate Warehousing

Due to the size of Australia freight distribution can spread to every corner of country, meaning understanding the rules and charges associated to different areas of the country is critical for a cost effective freight solution.

Local and Interstate Freight is basically a term which describes the need to distribute product or materials not only to the local area or city, but potentially every state, town and suburb, which could mean the freight travels literally thousands of kilometres.

Each freight provider has individual strengths and weaknesses when it comes to a national requirement by a customer. For example one provider may have very low costs, to the local city, or major capitals, but is very expensive into remote areas and uses subcontractors for the majority of the deliveries.

An EFS solution ensures that customers recieve the optimum blend of providers delivering lowest cost options into major cities as well as remote country areas. Also the price is coupled with the service capabilities of the provider and the important of speed, traceability and damages to the customer.

Cost and Service Benefits of Next Logistics Local and Interstate Warehousing

If planned well, the spreading of stock across a number of facilities strategicly located to better services customers, both your business and your end customer can receive faster order turnaround due to less distance involved in the final delivery.

The cost advantages could also be huge due to the reduced cost of interstate transport, which can be 3 to 5 times as much as the same local delivery.

This means a customer can access all of the benefits associated to multi state warehousing without any of the cost restrictions.

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