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Cost reduction has always been a major focus for businesses, however since the impact of the global recession in late 2008, the importance of lowest possible cost has never been so high.

When looking at the main costs associated to mosts businesses aside from product and staff, Logistics and Freight is usually amongst the highests costs a business has to account for. It is critical for the success and profitability of some companies to achieve the lowest possible cost to deliver a lower more competitive product cost to the consumer.

Despite this focus on costs, it is still very common for businesses to pay thousands of dollars more for freight than should be necessary, just because the business has opted to seek freight through traditional channels such as dealing with the provider directly, or using a freight broker.

Like its customers, a freight provider needs to ensure their own costs are low, to maximise profit. Therefore it is far more cost effective to handle multiple clients through bulk account providers such as Next Logistics Freight Services. The carrier gives EFS highly competitive volume based rates, which can then be passed on to the customer as savings, in return for the customer being managed and handled by EFS.

Cost Benefits

The benefit to the customer under this arrangement is that by using EFS more than one provider can be utilised to deliver the complete solution, ensuring drastically decreased rates, and improved service levels.

In addition to the direct rates alone, EFS supplies an easy to use, yet advanced freight despatch software, proactive tracking and delivery confirmation on all consignments, single invoice, invoice checking, and inhouse single point track and trace for all consignments accross all providers. All of these non-direct costs benefits combined with low rates, mean the customer receives a true market leading freight solution at the lowest most competitive price, at all times

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