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Next Logistics has and always will remain committed to providing services to all sizes and types of organisations, with an ongoing commitment to affordable solutions and services to small and startup companies, online retailers, and eBay sellers.

A Logistics Solution can range from simple container unpacking or long term storage, through to a fully integrated import, warehousing, pick, pack and distribution model.

Next Logistics can provide services spanning every aspect of Logistics, Warehousing, Freight, and Consultancy all in-house, and fully customised to the customers needs.

"At Next Logistics we pride ourselves on delivering Logistics solutions which are literally designed around our customers requirements. We recongnise that this phrase is often committed by other providers, however Next Logistics is different, as we have designed the business from inception to deliver a package of services completely customised to each individual customers product, service, market position, and budget requirements. Our unique position is that we are able to provide our customers with a fully integrated Logistics solution which may include elements of International Freight, Warehousing, National Distribution, Consultancy, and leading edge software design. We can achieve this seamlessly through each of 5 divisions of Next Logistics, which work independently, yet merge together to deliver a combined solution to our customers, all through one simple invoice"


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Next Logistics is a dynamic forward thinking organisation, with a strategy of changing the way suppliers and customers currently work and interact. The goal of Next Logistics is to deliver consistently competitive rates to all customers, yet work with service providers to ensure revenue and profitability is maintained. To find out more information about Next Logistics visit the About Us section of the website.

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