Pricing Method

Flexibility in pricing is one of the key areas that sets Next Logistics apart from other providers, and is one of the key benefits to customers.

The pricing that is set for your business depends on a number of different factors, including complexity or pick profile, location, total spend, end customer profile, value of product and many other details.

In all cases however the variance in rates is minimal due to the focus on cost effective solutions for new and startup businesses as well as existing and large clients.

Next Logistics offers a pricing method for warehousing and all other divisions classed as transactional or activity based. This means every process carried out for a customer has a fixed charge associated, with no weekly minimums, and most importantly no hidden costs.

Rate schedules are sent to customers detailing ALL possible charges whether they will apply or not. It is common practice for other providers to offer half or simplified rates schedules. We strongly advise going back to an alternate provider and asking for specific rates against each item on the Exalt schedule, in particular storage, order and picking fees and annual freight charges.

Next Logistics is so confident in the competitiveness of rates for warehousing, freight and all other services, standard schedules are published on the website, and we have provided documentation on how to accurately compare rates accross providers, identifying the missing details that can add thousands of dollars of unexpected costs.

Warehouse Evaluation Questionaire

To get all the information for a significant comparison, you need to ask the right questions. This questionnaier will not only show you what to ask, but also explain why knowing these details is essential. It will help you to identify hidden costs and get an idea of the service providers capability.More.

Comparing Pricing and Providers

The comparing pricing and providers page provides further detail into the transparent and clear pricing methods used accross Exalt Group, and useful information on how to compare, and identify hidden costs, in different pricing schedules from alternate providers.More.

Quick Quotation

To view current rates complete the online quotation and get a sample schedule customised to your individual profile. Immediately see the savings that your business many be missing out on.

Contact Details

Next Logistics is a dynamic forward thinking organisation, with a strategy of changing the way suppliers and customers currently work and interact. The goal of Next Logistics is to deliver consistently competitive rates to all customers, yet work with service providers to ensure revenue and profitability is maintained. To find out more information about Next Logistics visit the About Us section of the website.

To make direct contact with one of our business development team, or consultants please visit the following page. More..